Wood is Still the Responsible Building Choice

Renewable Source Of Building In Minnesota, we are definitely in the building season right now and along with that comes the process of clearing trees for homes to be built. As we are conscious about the removal and try to keep as many as we can, it does help us revisit what builders and developers across the nation are doing to sustain our forests and replenish our sources of wood.

 In North America,  90 percent  of our homes are built with wood because it is plentiful and is a renewable green product making it still a great source for building material. In fact,  the building industry is making educated decisions about the products that are used to make environmentally friendly choices and wood sources continue to be one of them.  Bob Villa has an article about how wood is still a good building material source because the United States and Canada has regulated and developed programs for renewing our forests to keep them from disappearing. This article is a great source for understanding how builders and lumber companies are building responsibly and are looking for ways to use every part of a tree to reduce waste and replant at a high rate to ensure sustainable forests. Click here to read more.