1. Wood Beams Everywhere

According to designers, such as Studio McGee, wood beams are popping up everywhere. They are getting requests for wood ceiling beams in every place from living rooms to bathrooms. Incorporating beams is a way to bring warmth to all of the white. Beams accent the room and helps to bring the eye upward. Our advice to you is use them wherever you want

2. Black, White & Neutral Theme

Morgan Mullen Designs shows off this kitchen project that proves by the amount of likes on instagram that the color scheme of 2020 is neutral with pops of black for that perfect pop of contrast while highlighting collections of your favorite plants & decor.

3. Living Plants Everywhere.

If you don’t think you have a green thumb, don’t worry, just go buy yourself a few living, breathing plants for your home and notice the difference in how your home looks. Besides the color of green enhancing your other collections around the house, these little guys provide us oxygen. Now who doesn’t need that. So along with a number of other very “natural” choices homeowners are putting in their homes this year, don’t forget to add some green and go natural this year at a very minimal cost!