With shiplap being so popular in the last couple of years, mostly due to the popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper, people have been looking for ways to incorporate shiplap in their spaces. As custom home builders, we too have found ourselves looking for various ways to use shiplap, but keep it unique to the home, so here is a list of 6 ways to use shiplap in your home

1. Use shiplap in an entryway. This one is what people typically do and speaks for itself. Entry ways are a great way of showing off shiplap and creates an instant impact upon entry. Here you can find shiplap inspiration on walls.

2. Use shiplap on a ceiling. At one our model homes, we had shiplap placed in a tray ceiling in the entry and in the master bedroom. It was stained for a rustic feeling. Both areas were in expensive, but made these spaces pop. Remember, a little shiplap can go a long way for a powerful expression of what you want to say in your home. Here are a few inspiration photos from Houzz for shiplap on your ceilings

3. Use shiplap on kitchen islands. The idea is to use shiplap in ways that are outside the box and add character to your home, even in minimal amounts. It creates that custom feel to any room and sets it apart. In the photo below we chose to have shiplap painted and placed on island for a hand made effect.

4. To paint or stain shiplap? Here is where you can get creative with color. Shiplap can be left unstained for a natural effect, whitewashed so the natural color shows through, painted white for a modern farmhouse effect, dark stained… the list is endless! A great help is to go online and search shiplap photos, add your favorites to a Pinterest or Houzz board and there you will see what you tend to be “pinning”. There you have it – you just figured out what look you want your shiplap to have!

5. Shiplap for outdoor patios. If you have a covered porch in your entry or out in the back, placing shiplap outdoors can highlight the nature and beauty around us. Here we used cedar shiplap to frame an indoor/outdoor fireplace on a 3 season patio.

6. Be Creative with shiplap. Don’t be afraid to use shiplap in a variety of ways! Here we placed shiplap on a fireplace and it turned out beautifully! So, next time you walk into a room, look at the features, is there a wall that would pop if you put shiplap on it? Is there a cove or a small bath that would benefit from adding shiplap? Chose the location and the color that will best highlight your space and you will have created a custom feature that speaks to your style and shows of a little piece of YOU!