Ever wish your mom still did your laundry? Laundry rooms are associated with not-so-favorite household tasks, so they don’t always get the design love they deserve. But your home is a reflection of your personal style, and a thoughtful laundry room design can streamline your space, conquer some organizational needs and might just brighten your mood.

We’ve gathered up six laundry room tips that are beautiful and functional to make your laundry room work for you with style & perfect design by adding these simple features.

Many times a laundry room like a junk drawer but the size of a room. That is why this area is a good place to put additional cubbies and cabinets for all of those odds and ends. When you think of a laundry room space, consider adding a floor to ceiling cabinets for things like everyday tools, light bulbs, and extension cords, stepping ladders and cleaning supplies. Some simple ideas are: Labeling is a great system to keep things in areas that they are supposed to go Add a broom closet with an outlet for your Swiffer vacuum and brooms. Add counter space over the washer and dryer with a metal rod for hanging freshly dried shirts so they don’t get wrinkled. Stack the washer/ dryer if you have a small space as we did below in a model home for additional space. Keep an area open for your laundry baskets to sit out of the way from your walking space.

Add a dog wash station or dog bed tucked in an open area for your furry friend.

One great idea is adding a Dutch door to your laundry room for your pups to stay put but not feel locked in while you are busy around the house or out shopping.

Consider adding a small ironing board pull out – for all of your ironing needs. This is small and fits back in a drawer when not needed.

And forget to add a small sink for rinsing out small items or clothes. This small work station can keep you out of the kitchen or bathrooms when you need water.

Remember, when you are designing a laundry room, think about all of the extra things you will wish you had in that space for all your day to day needs. Make it fun and happy, use colors and whimsical patterns on the floors or walls and From us to you – happy washing!