Building a custom home can be exciting and scary at the same time. It isn’t often you design your own home and when you do, you want it to be everything you dreamed of.

There are alot of decisions to make, from the style of home you desire to the smallest details. During the process of building your home, remind yourself of the reason you are doing this and how well the end-result will fit your needs.

It is important that you have a solid team supporting you throughout the entire process. You don’t have to go through it alone or feel that you must be an expert in every phase of home design and building.

Customized Construction Overview

Custom construction is performed in phases, with aspects of each phase directly dependent upon the successful completion of previous steps.

  • The floor-plan design phase is where you and your building team develop your preliminary home design and estimate, final plans, specifications, and engineering, as well as a detailed budget and schedule.
  • In the pre-construction phase you get your approvals for financing and permits. This is the time we sign on subcontractors for the major systems in your new home.
  • The construction phase is where the dirt starts to fly and all of your decisions are now put into practice. The site work, foundation, and shell begin to go up, then everything else is built into place from the insulation to the flooring. This period of time can take anywhere from 5-6 months or more. Early on in the construction phase you and your interior designer are making the design selections and your builder is providing value-engineering options, getting subcontractor bids and building the schedule for the project.
  • During the final inspection phase, last minute details and work orders to get your home completed is happening. Your builder as well as third party inspectors thoroughly check everything to make sure it’s up to code and completed per your plans. You will also do a final walk through of your brand-new home for a last look before moving day.
  • The warranty phase is after you move in. We provide a comprehensive warranty on our homes. All materials and workmanship in our homes are warrantied for one year, all mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) for two years, and structural components for ten years. We do our best to make sure your home is perfect, but our work doesn’t stop until everything is completed to your satisfaction. After moving in, there may be areas that need addressing since no-one has ever lived in the home before, this is where you will contact us for items that need attention to efficiently fix it to your satisfaction. Most importantly, we remain a resource you can reach out to with any question and concern forever.

If you are considering custom building give us a call and we can set up a consultation to set you on the right path toward your dream home. We will take the fear out of building and partner with you to create the home you’ve always wanted with our knowledgable team.