Moving to a new office is an opportunity to choose the perfect space for your growing company. There are many factors to consider when determining where you should set up shop. Is it the right location? Does it have adequate space? Will it represent my company brand? With these thoughts in mind, Meier Companies have built a workspace to support your company’s growth. Introducing, the Rome Circle NW business condo.

Convenient NW Rochester Location

Your office should be in an area that is conducive to the kind of business you operate. It should also be convenient and easily accessible for clients and employees. The Rome Circle NW business condo is located in one of the fastest growing areas along Highway 52 N. The brightly lit signage right off the highway gives your business great exposure to thousands of potential clients every day.

Functional Space

These unique 2,250 square foot business condos include an office and warehouse. This is a flexible space that can be built out for almost any business. The large overhead garage door is perfect for work vehicles, shop space, or even entertaining! With plenty of parking spaces available clients, visitors, and vendors can easily access your business throughout the day.

Custom Built

A new and modern office is a great marketing tool for your business. This fresh design is the building blocks for a professional or casual space. Plus, with a buildout credit you can customize your business specific to your individual goals. This business condo provides the the necessary space to accommodate large projects, while also creating a positive lasting impression with any clients who visit.

The Rome Circle NW business complex is the perfect solution for your office needs. These fresh and new spaces check all the boxes relevant to your business. Rest assured you’ve given your new company the room it needs to grow by contacting Meier Companies today.